A robust remote working infrastructure is no longer just a tool for large companies and multinational organizations. Today, remote working is more important than ever - no matter the size of your organization. We are here to assist for businesses exploring new options for remote work and application delivery.

We want everyone to have the ability to make the rapid transitions required to keep up with the changing times. Quick and easy setup, combined with world class enterprise management features makes SBSCC Cloud a nearly turn-key solution for new and expanding remote access requirements.

With the accounting industry moving towards cloud computing and fully online working models, users of Accounting desktop editions may believe that their best option is to migrate to a web-based edition of the software rather than continuing to use the version of Accounting they have come to rely on. While other online accounting may seem like the best option for anytime, anywhere access to financial applications and data, it might not provide the functionality or features that Accounting desktop edition users need. When the business needs the full capability of the desktop edition product, hosting that solution with SBSCC Hosting service may be the right answer.

“Hosting” Accounting desktop editions means that SBSCC installs and manages the Accounting software and the company data files on the cloud-based servers. Users don’t have to install Accounting on their PC, because they use the Internet to connect to their Accounting software and company data hosted by SBSCC. The service is accessed by clicking on an icon on the local PC desktop, by logging in via a web page portal or mobile phone.

Suitable for any desktop accounting software users who would like to maintain their applications in an affordable, fast and reliable system for remote access.

The Benefits of Hosting Your Desktop Accounting

There are numerous benefits to having accounting desktop editions hosted and managed for the business:

  • Anytime, anywhere access. Being able to run the Accounting software and access company data via the Internet allows business users to work in a single company data file no matter where they may be working from. Businesses with multiple locations or a mobile workforce find that centralized access to applications and data allows users to function as though they were all in the same office.
  • No retraining and no data conversion. Businesses can move their existing data to the host rather than converting it to a new format, and users of the solution don’t need to be retrained on the software because it is the same software they have been using.
  • Collaboration with outside parties, such as an outsourced bookkeeper or accountant. Accounting professionals can work on client accounts more frequently, seamlessly sharing data with the client even as the client may be working in the system. Eliminating the need to copy or sync data files, and creating a means for outside professionals to work more closely with the business can be a key element in the success of an outsourced relationship.
  • Reduces the IT management burden for the business. Outsourcing the sourcing, implementation, and ongoing management of computing and software systems allows business owners to focus on the business operation rather than on the technology which supports it. In addition to delivering a considerable amount of freedom to the business owner, outsourcing IT services may also deliver significant cost savings for the business.
  • Use with other applications. Access your accounting software with office and other third-party applications.
  • You own the software. Accounting software is yours, so anytime you can download a data backup to your local computer.
  • Same as other cloud accounting. Access to your windows desktop Accounting in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smartphone, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world.
  • Experience, reliability and integrity. We have more than 20 years experience, reliability and integrity.
  • How it Works?   

    Your Accounting Software is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a secure enterprise class cloud server. You will be able to access your Accounting Software via internet and use it for your business from anywhere anytime.

    Cloud Hosting vs Cloud Server 

    • Cloud Hosting (AcctCloud Hosting): Get a virtual directory to host your desktop accounting software and data (Only MYOB/ABSS/AccountRight hosting is available).

    • Cloud Server (AcctCloud Server): Get a private cloud server to host your desktop accounting software and data.

    Getting Started    

    All you need is a broadband internet connection and a computer, a laptop or a smart phone to log in and start using your Accounting Software from your store, office, home and on your vacation.

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